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new to this community

hey people, my name is ashley. and i just found this community and have already fallen inlove with it.

now, onto my BITCHing

i hate BITCHES that come into your restraunt, have a party of 7, throw food everywhere, and then leave you a three dollar tip. (yes, i'm a waitress). those fucking BITCHES need to die!! i hate cleaning that shit up, and three dollars ins't even enough to pay me to do that. there. that's my BITCHing for the day.
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haha. yeah, i know what you mean. i work at a pizza hut. i serve occasionally. i'm like backup server, but that's happened to me plenty of times!
i work at woody's bbq on san jose. have you had your pork pulled today? oh yeah. ~ashley
you live in Jax?

holy shit.
where are you? actually, i didn't mean to put that in there, but i'm so used to writing in whydoesjaxsuck that it slipped.
i dont have a job... i still mooch off my daddy..
lol i'm in arlington. by jax univ... on justina
I worked at TGIF, CHILIS, LONGHORN. Been FOH and BOH. It all sucks. Got the hell out of the biz, went to school, got a degree, made a better life. I go into an establishment, now I am the asshole! Only to the managers, ALWAYS TAKE CARE OF YOUR SERVER. They gotta pay taxes on that shiznit.
damn! i could never work at a resturaunt.. i used to work at this lil cafeteria thing in summer and people talk to you like dirt or a retarted person.. its like wtf i know it costs that much dumbass ive sold about 20 in the past hour...
I know what you're saying. I used to see my dad work at the past restraunts he worked at and some of thoes people you just want to smack over the head with a tray. I've noticed it's usually the old people too. I think the only time I would work in a restraunt is if it was a really good paying one. That's why I could never understand why my dad never went for better. He has been working at restraunts since he was 16 years old and has bitched about everyone he worked at. I take that back. . . he never complained about when he worked at burger king.
::ahh..:: i love the sound of bitching..
itd be nice if ppl were making posts
haha. this great community and no one to post....
oh ill get people here. just wait until next week when i have cable and my internet is a fuckload faster! ;)
No doubt. I'm sorry I didn't call you back last night. I passed out
BK sucks. it was my first job back in 97
My dad is not the smartest person. Plus this was about 27 years ago. Atleast I think it was
lol. I'm talking to him now and he thought it was funny when I told him about the community.
lol 27 yrs could make some difference. but i'd imagine it'd be WORSE lol