Bill ny the science guy (chiquitatrixie) wrote in thebitchdiaries,
Bill ny the science guy

well.. i would just like to say that i think the biggest fucking bitches of life are teachers.. omfg i was absent for 2 weeks because i was sick and the teacher gave an assignment when i was absent and told the class they have 3 weeks to do it. i obviously wasnt aware of the assignment. so then i return to class and she tells me the assignment. remember the class had 3 weeks to do it.. by time i got the assignment it was due in 4 days.. so i was like oh they had 3 weeks she will understand if i am a day later because some on 4 days compared to 3 weeks.. the dumb ass calls my house for not doing it.. and then tells me that its my fault and i go no miss thats not my fault i got sick and then shes like oh well then dont get sick anymore. eya bitch like i can fucking help it.. yup i ran through germs screaming "infect me infect me so i can try to drop my F in chemistry to an even lower grade" dumb ass.. they dont give a fuck and then the bitch cant teach.. she asks us questions. shes like oh does anybody know the answer to this question and then explains it or will ask a question to the class and be like oh really?? where di you fnd that answer and then be like ::flipping pages:: oh yes class exactly where i told you go to this page blah blah.. she has no education whatsoever.. she didnt go to colledge she went ot highschool and thats it.. if that bitch trys to get me to touch chemicals ill fucking die because shes gonna be like ok" to make orange juice mix lithium, hydrogen, carbon,rahsgcje,nfuew,and mystery chemical 9" shes russian too.. aah shes trying to bomb us ! shes making a little army of american /russian  soldiers lmao j/k russians r cool ::ivana humpalot...austin powers:: lol but fuck bro i hate that bitch!

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